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I will start this by saying that if you have to ask, the answer is always choose the harder option.

However ... if you still have specific questions, here are the most frequently asked questions that we receive about LIVEHARD:

Q: Which podcast does Andy talk about LiveHard?
Tap Here to listen to Episode 80 of my podcast, Real AF with Andy Frisella.

Q: Do I have to start Phase 1 immediately after 75 HARD?

No, you are not required to start Phase 1 right after 75 HARD.

Q: How many additional Power List tasks are required in Phase 1?

Since you're already doing 5 tasks with the 75 HARD requirements, you would have to choose 3 more totaling 8.

Q: Why can't I start Phase 2 of the LiveHard program right away?

There is a required minimum 30 day break between Phase 1 & Phase 2 to show you what it's like to be off of the program and get back on track.

Q: When can I begin Phase 3 of the LiveHard program?

Phase 3 is required to be done in the last 30 days leading up to the 1 year mark from when you began 75 HARD. Ex: If I begin 75 HARD on January 31st, Phase 3 will start on January 1st of the following year.

Q: Is visualization a required task in Phase 3?

Visualization is not required during Phase 3.

Q: If I fail during a Phase, do I restart from day 1 of that Phase, or do I restart on day 1 of 75 HARD?
If you fail within Phase 1 or Phase 2, you can restart from day 1 of that same Phase. That said, failing during Phase 3 means that you have to restart from day 1 of 75 HARD since it's done in the last 30 days of the LiveHard year.

Q: What are critical tasks?

The Power List tasks are supposed to be tasks that will help move you forward in your life that you don't already do on a daily basis.

For example, this is not like a chore list, like do the dishes ... or mow the lawn.

This would be like make an extra 5 sales calls, meal prep for tomorrow, watch an informative youtube video, etc.

Q: What are all of the requirements of the full LiveHard year?

75 HARD:
- Drink 1 gallon of water a day
- Follow a diet, with ZERO cheat meals and ZERO alcohol.
- Read 10 pages of a self development book
- 2 (45 minute) workouts a day, 1 must be outdoors.
- Take a progress picture

All this must be done every single day consecutively for 75 days straight with zero alterations or exceptions.

Phase 1 - 30 days
All of the same requirements of 75Hard
- 3 Critical Power List Tasks ** In addition to your 5 normal power list tasks
- 5 min cold shower (yes all the way turned to cold)
- 10 minutes of dedicated visualization towards your goals

Phase 2 - 30 days
Must complete 75Hard and Phase 1 as prerequisite
-Same requirements as 75Hard
-Must wait 30 days after phase 1 to start phase 2

Phase 3 -30 days
Has to be done in the last 30 days of your year to date when you started 75Hard originally

If you mess up phase 3,  you have to start the entire LIVEHARD program over with 75Hard as there will be zero room for error as it's your last 30 days.

Same requirements as Phase 1
-Talk to a stranger
-1 random act of kindness

Talk to a stranger- Conversation must be done in person and more than just a greeting

Just a compliment does not count
Just a handshake does not count
Just a hello does not count
Just a head nod does not count
Interacting via social media does not count

Your goal should be at least learn something small about them

1 random act of kindness

R.A.O.K includes things like donating, volunteering, paying for a strangers meal, filling a trash bag during your outdoor workout, etc. Each random act of kindness must be journaled.

Use your best judgment on what constitutes a R.A.O.K.

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